Get notified of when a channel goes live

What could I call to get the same notifications of when a channel goes live (sort of like what BetterTTV does) without having a loop or timer constantly running in the background calling it?

Hard to word this, but I’d rather not constantly call it waiting for an update, and have it call (or something similar) my application when something new is live.

The only way to do it as of now is by polling, which is what BetterTTV is doing.
What you can do, if you’re updating multiple streams at the same time, is to make a call for all the streams you want at once with GET /streams

Alright. Thanks for the assistance. I’m still a rookie when it comes to development but I’m definitely gonna come back and look at how to implement that.

Hello !

I’ve worked on a similar project for a few months now - if you’re interested, you can see some of my work at (compiled versions here). For even more shameless self promotion, here’s a website for my project. Check it out - it’s was developed as a replacement for the endless stream of emails notifying me when a streamer went online. Since I’m not a Chrome user either, BetterTTV wasn’t exactly what I was looking for either.

Let me know if you have any questions.