Get notified when a channel streams my game(s)?


I’m a game developer/publisher. Today Twitch approved me getting ownership of several of my games.
I have access to the box art and analytics, but I thought this could also be used to get notified (email or in-browser) when a streamer starts playing our game?

Isn’t there such feature?

NB : I would also love this feature as a regular user, there are several niche games I would really like to get notified when someone streams them…

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To the best of my knowledge:

Currently webhooks only does single streamers by user ID

So your only option at the moment is to poll the streams API with a game_id filer

You could make such a suggestion on the developer uservoice, if someone didn’t already


Alright, I’m really surprised this isn’t a thing yet, it seems something so basic for a game developer to know.

I don’t have time to spend coding something so it would be great if this could be added as a basic feature accessible from the GUI when following a game. (even as a regular user)

Anyway, I’ve added the suggestion to the link provided.


There’s always the Viewer Heartbeat Service (VHS). which is available to game developers/publishers that have games registered on Twitch.

It does require the broadcaster to opt-in though, so you’ll only ever get data from broadcasters (and any of their viewers) who have gone through your OAuth process and granted you the ability to track their viewership of your game. Any channel that hasn’t opted in will not be included in the VHS data.

Other than that the only option that currently exists is to poll the streams endpoint with your game id as previously mentioned.

I’m not even sure what this means but I guess this involves some coding :stuck_out_tongue: I’m afraid I’m too busy developing my own game to focus on this. But thanks

As for the first suggestion, I’m guessing if it’s opt-in most channels won’t, which kinda negates the whole point. I don’t see why this would be a confidential info considering (most if not all?) streams are public.

VHS is opt-in because it doesn’t just tell you who is streaming, which is public, but also gives you minute by minute data of who the viewers (who have opted-in) are, which is data that is not shared or obtainable through any other means.

If you don’t want to do coding and simply want to see who is live with your game you can just go to the Twitch page of your game and see who is live, and just refresh the page periodically. Notifications for when someone goes live though does require some coding to be done.

Understood. I’m not interested about the viewers or anything, just to know when someone streams it.
I think you’ll easily understand that having to refresh/check the page constantly just isn’t practical :stuck_out_tongue:

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