Get only "recurring" sub with the API


As Twitch lunching Partener Plus I would like to add a sub counter wich return the subs that count to obtain the goal (350 recuring subs on 3 month atm)

To do this counter I would like to get only the “recurring” or “paid subs” from the API (no prime and no gift)
Here are 4 solutions that I encounter:

  1. I tried using this route (GET but it seem that there are no differencies between Prime and recurring.

  2. I can obtain the information from the CVS that is provided Creator Dashboard but twitch may not like that I generate the file every minute to update the counter haha.

  3. I can try scraping the Creator Dashboard page as it have all the information i’m looking for but I pretty sure thats against TOS and it’s pretty offusced.

  4. I could try to create a duplicate of the subs Twitch database and update it with every event from Twitch IRC USERNOTICE tags but as I can’t see who is sub in advance anywhere I will need to wait 6 month to be sure to get every long term subs in my duplicate database.

I can’t seem to find a good solution, does someone have an idea ? or do you know if twitch is changing their api since they added partner plus ?

Thanks you in advance guys :smile:

I’d use 2 to preseed the database
Then use 4 to remain up to date (and a mix of eventsub for real time rather than just chat itself)

Otherwise waiting to see if Get Broadcaster Subscriptions Recurring flag – Twitch UserVoice is actioned

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