Get specific games

Is it possible get a returned list of specific games? You are able to get a list of the top games and search for specific games but I can’t find any API calls that let me get info on say 10 specific games like I can with the streams API.

Besides using the streams endpoint with the optional game parameter? Or is it you want a complete list of games on Twitch? In which case, I took care of that by querying the Giant Bomb API for that information. That is what I use in my bot in fact to make sure that folks pick a game that Twitch knows of from a drop down menu.

I want to get info on a list of specific games. The games API returns the top games but I would like to be able to do a specific list of games. Something like this.,League%20of%20Legends,Hearthstone%3A%20Heroes%20of%20Warcraft

I think this was brought up before, this may be a limitation of how Twitch caches data as to why a request only supports one game. However, Twitch Development has to speak to that.

I have to ask though, are you essentially data mining Twitch? I have read a few posts and I get that feeling?


No, but if I was I could essentially just call games/top about 20 times to get the complete list of games from Twitch.

I’m interested in getting the viewer count for a specific list of games. I would prefer to do this in one call versus several calls to games/top before I get all the games I want.

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