Get List of Games Being Streamed on Twitch

I am fairly new to the Twitch API and would like to automate the process of collecting the names of games currently being streamed on Twitch such that I can make queries based on those game tags. Is there a good way to build and update a list of streamed games with the API?

Are you talking about querying for all current games? There is no direct way to do this. You can get all streams and grab the game from that object.

You can see top games with the games API: You can search games with the search API:

What are you trying to accomplish? Interested in your use case. If you’re looking to store this data, please make sure you’ve read over the developer agreement about data storage:

I’m trying to grab a view count of a set of games across different genres to record and rank games by view count for a set period. In my Python script, I’ve been trying to do this by first grabbing active streams that are streaming a game, then tallying the viewcounts of all those streams.

Thank you for the advance warning about the ToS. I’m confident that the backend containing my MongoDB for this data fits the security requirements.

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