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hey, i’m new to this API and programing in general.
I want to build an app where the user logs in with his twitch account and have his streams there and there data (views reactions and such) I’ve been looking for awhile on the docs and don’t really understand.
thanks in advance!

There are no API’s for this.

Twitch doesn’t collect “views reactions” assuming you mean something like chat sentiment

So I’m not quite sure what data you are after, but I don’t think the API provides the data you want.

Oh damn,
I’ll tell you the truth I’m in the middle of hiring process in a small startup.
they gave me a home project and from what I understand they wanted me to login using twitch and that I would collect the reactions and such and I have no idea how :slight_smile:

The Twitch UI doens’t provide “reactions” so I’m not sure what you are trying to do in order to collect “reactions”.

A reaction might be a “chat message” or it might be “someone sent an emoji” or someone put a emojio against a comment on a youtube video (to use a youtube example)

I have no idea what a “reaction” is on Twitch to direct you.

But if this is part of a hiring process, then they might be testing to see what you suggest a “reaction” could be.

By reaction I mean: chat messages , amount of viewers and anything like that.

There are no historical endpoints for chat, only real time.

Chat is documented here - Chat & Chatbots | Twitch Developers
Please make sure to read and understand the developer agreement - - Developer Agreement specificall sections on chat data retention

Live view counts for a stream is found on Get Streams - Reference | Twitch Developers

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ok ill try thank you!!

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