Get Subscribers endpoint in Helix going to be released?

Hello. I’m working on a project that requires me to pull a list of subscribers from a particular channel. With Kraken, this is possible, but I’m trying to conform as much as possible to Helix to avoid a refactor in November. My question is; Will the Get Subscriptions endpoint be put into Helix at all, or is there no way for us to know? I don’t want to announce this feature if I know its not going to be possible post Kraken termination.

Are there any staff devs here that could let me know if this is in the plans or being removed all together?

The most certain answer you’re going to get is that the roadmap shows that there is a subscriptions webhook in the works, and as webhooks are based on Helix endpoints it would mean that there will be a subscriptions endpoint at some point.

Also, with the number of services that are reliant on a subscriptions endpoint it would be a pretty big mistake for Twitch to disrupt those services by killing off v5 before Helix is on par in functionality.

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You’re the man, thank you very much, and thanks for linking me over to the Trello! I didn’t realize that existed publicly, but certainly helps keep me out of the dark while working on this.

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