Get user subscription list

Hello, i’m newbie using twitch api but after look at the git repository and search over the internet i couldn’t find a way to get a list or something like that of the current user subscriptions.
Is there any way to do that ?, can i get a list of all the subscriptions that the current logged user have ?

As far as I know, there is no Kraken endpoint to list all subscriptions a user has.

That’s bad, i guess i will need to do something “tricky” to get what i need.
thanks for the reply.

If you can explain WHY you need all a user’s subscriptions, perhaps someone could point you in a good direction?

I’m working on a chrome application, some channels have the options of get emotes when you subscribe to it.
i’m making an extension to let the user use them in a visual way (not need to remember the shortcut text to display it) but to do it i need be able to get the subscriptions list of the user that will be using the extension.
the code will be available in github once it gets finished.

There is already a userscript that does similar. Might be a good place to start working: