How to get list of the user subscriptions (list of channels)

I see that topic where was said that this is impossible.

But may be there is some way to do that?

Why i need that:

  • I created android twitch chat app
  • Sometime users use emoticons of one channel in other channel
  • If user subscribed to some channel, than emoticons from that channel will appear on any channels where user chat.
    For example if I subscribed to channel X and there is emoticon xEmo, then is I enter to channel Y and type xEmo - all users will see emoticon from chat X
  • So if user add channel Y in my app and use tag xEmo - i need show that emoticon. But I do not know all subscriptions of that user - so how I know if I need to show that as emoticon or as text.

If I can get sub list of that user (list of channels) i can load preliminary all channels icons and show it on any other channels.

Is there way to get list of channels where user subscribed?

So, you are building your own chat infrastructure, not using the Twitch chat?
Otherwise, all you need is inside the TMI.

To elaborate on @Sunspots answer, there is two ways to solve your emote problem within TMI. To not repeat myself check out this thread.

If you specifically need the subscriptions of a user this can only be done from the jtv messages mentioned in the thread. The emotesets received for each message are bound to a certain channel subscription. This relationship can be retrieved from the API.

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