Getting a List of channels the user is following

I figured out how to get the token and now I ran into a problem. I’m trying to get a list of channels that a specific user is following. I send this request:

and I get back:


This seems right and I follow the link to “channels” and then “follows” but I end up with:


I’m sure the sure has at least 5 channels they are following so how come it is displaying 0? How would I be able to get a list of followers?

channels/channelname/follows is the endpoint for listing users following the channel ‘channelname’

What you want is:


BTW, you just gave everyone who reads this thread the ability to follow/unfollow any channel they want. I recommend invalidating that token by either deauthorizing the client under Twitch or by signing into your application again. You can then visit again to verify that the token is no longer valid.

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