Get many users follows

Hello. Now i use “” for get number(i need only total) follows. But i so slow, if i need get 1000+users. Isset more fast method, which return some users follows?

The only way to increase the rate is to set the limit to the max, 100. You’ll still need to loop through each page to get every follow.


[follows][_total] would give you the total number of channels that NAME is following.

If you wanted the total number of people following NAME, you’d want:


Exaple: I have channel and 3 followers on my channel: john, pitt, sam. I need get number follows each my follows: John follow 10 channels, Pitt follow 20 channels, Sam follow 30 channels. Now i use 3 get request

Can i use 1 request for get 3 results?

If you want to get how many channels a user is following, it needs to be done one request per channel, unfortunately.

As a side note, be sure to read the response from Dallas regarding a user performing a similar lookup and the Twitch Developer Agreement:

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