Getting publisher's name associated with the game

I am looking at “/game/top” API ( )

I could see that game name is available. How can I get the publisher’s name who published that game?
I would love if game version info also made available.

Hey, @Ashish_Mahamuni!

The publisher information isn’t provided in the Twitch API. You could use the Giantbomb ID that we provide and call the Giantbomb API to get that info.

Hi, @DallasNChains ,

Any brief explanation on how to use Giantbomb ID in Giantbomb API? I tried that, but kept returning error 404.

Twitch doesn’t run the giant bomb api, you’ll need to consult the giant bomb api docs and ask for support over there.

Ya, @tournymasterbotCurse ,

I know that, but what of the giantbomb id provided in the twitch api, what do you use it for and how?


24024 in this example is the giantbomb_id for League of Legends returned by Kraken.


Thanks a lot, that’s exactly what I needed.

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