GetUsers Limited responses

Hi All,
I am very new to Dev work but I am trying to build a tool to find similar streamers based on shared audience.
When I make my API call I can only return my own account and no others.
Is my issue due to the API design (I am currently the only one authorised with my tokens), Incorrect permissions on my tokens, or something else?

My sample call as follows (Powershell)
Invoke-RestMethod -uri ‘’ -method Get -Headers @{‘Authorization’ = ‘Bearer Token1’; ‘Client-Id’ = ‘Token2’; } | ConvertTo-Json

I have tried the URI’s for some of my friends usernames and IDs and my own, I can however get the "TwitchDev account using

As per the documentation for the Get Users endpoint Reference | Twitch Developers if you make a request just to ‘, it’ll return the user associated with the OAuth token used. If you want to retrieve details of other users you need to use the id or login params.

Also, you may have difficulty trying to build a tool to find similar streams based on a shared audience, as there is no possible way for you to find out who is viewing a stream. You could use follows but that can get into tricky legal issues if you are tracking other users and their relationships to other streams without their consent (or way to opt-out), and that’s also not the most valuable metric as many people follow streamers but rarely watch them, so follows are not exactly indicative of audience.

Thanks Dist,
I think I can see where my calls were not working, as for the legal issues I am looking into that against the Privacy principals of my country and the twitch TOS, it is also a bit of an exercise of learning some data science techniques

You also have to take into account the privacy laws of any country in which you wish to operate. For example if you wish any EU user to use your app then you would be subject to the GDPR. If you just follow the laws of your country, Twitch ToS, and Twitch Developer Agreement then you can only let users within your country use your app, as you may or may not be complying with what other countries require.

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