List of user_Id of every viewer of specific streamer

can i get list of user_id of viewers of specific streamer ?
i create something using list of viewers usernames of streamer with… it give me list of username of viewers or chatters
then i use to get th data of every username…
there is problem here of limit_rate i get error 219 of too many request …
there is a solution to get directly list of user id of viewers for every streamer ?

Yes, you do exactly what you are doing. And handle the rate limit issue. You only need to get the user_id of a name you don’t have in your cache.

that’s what i do,but it’s not Enough for me …,for example the first time when i capture a streamer,he have more than 800 viewers it crash directly …

Well theres no other way round it.

You can look up 100 users at once. So with 800 viewers thats only 8 API requests.

can i contact twitch for in-limit requests ?

it still the same problem … with 20k or 30k viewer

Rate limits and how to obtain a increase is noted here

But you don’t need it

I don’t. I can happily handle a 30k stack of viewers.

Because when I do a fetch of 30k people, I already collected most of them on the last time I collected.

And I don’t have a increased rate limit. I do use a App Access Token so I get 800 points rather than 30. And I lookup 100 users at once.

And that reduces the request count I make

Ok thank you Barry i will find another solution

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