Glitch - Reactive Java API Wrapper for Twitch

Hello there!

Last time i’ve worked on T4J, for some new stuffs, but now… **censored (can’t say it what)** I did own stuff in own repository. This is a Reactive API wrapper… a Glitch.

The Reactive Java API Wrapper for Twitch using Project Reactor. We having even more… Planning release v1 after new year began. Any part of modules responds some of the products when Twitch Platform support it. And also:

  • glitch-core - core dependency which provide support any imported modules
  • glitch-BOM - You know what BOM means? That’s right, this dependency provides original supportive imports all modules without any versioning issue.
  • glitch-auth - WIP module provides Ready to use classes for authorization servers

Even more is in links down below.

Any questions feel free to join Discord Server. You found some bug or issue, go to Issue tab


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