Group chats aren't working atm

Just to let you know.

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Can confirm. The servers are up but messages are apparently not going through, so you don’t really get any indication the group chat is broken other than a growing sense of loneliness.

I received the last message at 0:40 CEST, so about 16 hours ago.

I wish to hear from staff about this.
Polecat said it might be because whisper feature is handled on the same servers as group chats (dunno if true).

Hopefully group chats are not getting ninjaremoved anytime soon.

Group chat really could benefit from some developer time rather than neglect. I’ m sure it would see heavier use if it had a more functional API and integration. It’s a very useful feature for many of us even if the volume might be low compared to regular channels.


Going on 22 hours, still no word from Twitch staff on the issue. The last message I saw go through was around 2015-08-10T22:40:15Z.

EDIT: TwitchSupport sent out a Tweet 9 minutes before I posted, I just missed it: We're investigating issues with Group Chat. Apologies for the inconvenience. ^JM

It was just acknowledged on Tweeter: “@TwitchSupport We’re investigating issues with Group Chat. Apologies for the inconvenience. ^JM 4:33pm · 11 Aug 2015”


And to close this out:

@TwitchSupport 3 hours ago Issues with group chat should be resolved, apologies for the inconvenience! ^DA”


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