Having trouble with playsinline on iOS (UIWebView)

Hi all, I’m having some trouble getting allowsinline=true to work for the twitch player.

I’ve tried using the interactive js where I pass allowsinline: true to the options before instantiating the player AND I’ve tried using the player.twitch.tv domain with ?playsinline=true with no success. This works with the youtube player pretty easily and it looks simple from the documentation I’ve read for twitch - but still won’t work. Anyone able to help?


Turns out this isn’t working on iOS10 - but is working on iOS9.
In iOS10 apple now support playsinline video tag instead of webkit-playsinline. This might have something to do with the problem?

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Thanks for the report! I’ll let the video playback team know about this (if they don’t already). :slight_smile:

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@chackle Could you try this again and see if this works now?