(Helix API) Videos Endpoint - "Upload" Query Parameter Issues

While testing the videos endpoint to make sure everything was working properly, I ran into a couple issues with the endpoint when trying to use the type=upload query parameter, and also the uploads in general.

Requesting All Videos Omits Uploads

At the time of this post, when I request all videos from my channel I should be getting 122 videos back, two of those being uploaded videos. However, I only get 120 videos back.



Between the two expanded videos in the response, there should be a video from August 13, 2017 which is one of the two uploaded videos. However, it is missing. The same thing happened with the other upload. Both missing videos can be found on my channel page, so I know they are actually there.

Requesting Uploads Returns Cancelled/Deleted Uploaded Videos

When I specify type=upload to only get uploaded videos, the two missing videos are included in the response. However, every video that I have ever uploaded is returned in the response as well. Instead of getting only two videos in the response, I actually get 124 videos. I have either cancelled all 122 videos mid-way through the upload process and/or have been outright deleted by myself after the fact.



Filtering by archive and highlight works as intended. This is all that I have noticed so far, but I will update this in the future if more issues are found.

Hey there! Thanks for such a detailed writeup! I’ll be looking into this. Thank you!

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