Helix Create Clip 503 unavailable

I’m currently trying to create a clip using the helix create clip api.

I created a valid token with a clips:edit scope.
Also the helix api when passing an invalid token will say it needs a token with a clips:edit scope. When passing a broadcaster this is offline it will mention it can’t make a clip with an offline stream.
But when passing a valid token and valid broadcaster it returns:
{ "error": "Service Unavailable", "status": 503, "message": "" }

I tried last night and it was returning 503. I tried again tonight a whole 24 hours later and it is still returning the same thing. So I’m pretty sure that rules out the service being down. I’m not sure if there’s anything else I may be doing wrong.

It may be related to

This endpoint has a global rate limit, across all callers. The limit may change over time, but the response includes informative headers:

or the clip making service via API is broken. A 503 is usually “backend service is down”

Either that or it’s actually being worked on!

I don’t think it has to do with the rate limit. Right now the rate limit is set to 800 and I haven’t been able to make one create clip request yet due to it being 504.
It seems like the service is up but broken, because it will return a correct response when a broadcast is offline or the token is invalid/has incorrect scope. But when a broadcast is online and it tries to make a clip it returns the 504. It would be awesome to hear from a dev on this.

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