Helix - Get Broadcaster Subscriptions only returning 20

I came across a problem today while migrating vom V5 to new twitch api.

When using: https://api.twitch.tv/helix/subscriptions?broadcaster_id= where is an actual ID, the request only returns 20 subs.

I’ve also added &limit=100 and tried with &offset but nothing works. It only shows up 20 subs. This is just not correct. I’m even missing some gifted subs.

When using the old api, the sub count is correct with 36 subs showing up on test account (which is the correct number).

There are subs missing with helix.
Am I missing something? Or is this an actual bug?

Helix doesn’t use the limit or offset params.

If you want to adjust how many results are returned you use the first param, eg &first=100

If you have more results that shown you need to use pagination, this can be done by looking at the cursor provided in the response and using that as the after param, which will all you to retrieve the next page of results (and a new cursor if there are more pages).

Awesome, thank you very very much! Is this in API Docs already and i’ve missed it?

The docs for Get Broadcaster Subscriptions https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/api/reference#get-broadcaster-subscriptions are very badly written, but if you look at any of the other API references for Helix you’ll see what are/aren’t available params, as well as how to use them such as the after param, and the inclusion of cursors in example responses.

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