Helix Get Users Follows from id returns wrong total

Fetching the follows from id, the total field return a wrong number. In my case (channel id 40803628) returns 75, but when i fetch all users from the returned ids, i only get 74 users. I managed to find the missing user, and was the id 56111095 and this user have their account dissabled. I dont know if this is the intended behaviour, but if it is, it should be at least a field informing that the user is disabled or not return this user at all.

If they are suspended I believe they still follow, but you just can’t access any of their data so when they get reinstated they come back with all their follows still. If they get banned I believe there is a cleanup process to remove the follows and such, but I don’t think it’s immediate. Since suspensions and bans aren’t public, you can’t tell if they were one or the other.

I may have misinterpreted, since Get Follow will return users who are following or being followed, not necessarily that they will be available, since they may be disabled/suspended/banned, and the total field is just the total number of objects returned.

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