Helix missing the token info endpoint :'(

My code relies heavily on using the token info received from the endpoint listed below to check required scopes for an endpoint to deny the request before it’s even sent to the api.

I don’t see why a similar endpoint can’t/shouldn’t be created for the new version of the api to provide similar information. I’m not a big fan of criss-crossing api versions just to fill in the gaps for endpoints that don’t exist yet.

Kraken Endpoint vs Helix Endpoint

This kind of information is even more important for the api to provide now that the new api has proper ratelimits on endpoints.

Basically a duplicate of Helix API changes from Kraken - data missing

Helix will have parity with kraken before kraken is taken out back and shot

A thread talking about missing data on existing endpoints is not the same as someone wanting a way to get token information.

Helix is missing LOTS of things.

Before kraken dies it should have parity with Kraken.

Right now rather than having eleventy bajillion “x/y/z is missing” threads it would be wise to consolidate all the helix issues to one place.

Helix is missing data and end points

Then there should be a more specific “known issues” thread for people to post in.


I have raised this in the dev twitch app server

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