Helix Streams endpoint returning fewer stream than it should?

Hi there!

I’m currently transitioning from using V5 to using Helix.
I need to query the streams endpoint for many channels. In V5, in order to reduce the number of queries, I would query it with 100 channels and get 100 streams back (or less if not all were streaming). I expected to do the same in Helix since the docs state the endpoint supports up to 100 channels at once.
What happens in fact is, I get back only up to 20 streams back, and pagination in order to get the rest. That means I need to do 5 requests instead of 1.

Is this intended? If so, what’s the point of ‘supporting’ up to 100 channels at once? I might as well do 5 different requests, querying for 20 channels each. Any chance this is a bug? I really want to keep my request count as low as possible.

EDIT: Sorry, I’m stupid. Missed the ‘first’ param. Maybe it should default to 100? Giving it a different name might also help, I glanced over it because it didn’t seem relevant to my needs.

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