Hello, i disable my account 1 week ago and i send email 1 week ago for reactive

Hi, one week ago I deleted my account, but after it, the same day, I asked and sent the request for having it back. But after all this time nothing happened, no email, no information about it. My account seems still deleted.
The only email I got was the one that asked me to wait 3 days for an answer but still nothing.
I lost my account, how much time I still need to wait?
I hope you can give me an answer for my question.
Also I wanted to know if when I deleted my account, all my followers are gone. If so, I will not waste time and start a new account.

This is a 3rd party developers forum, we can’t help you here. I suggest you check https://help.twitch.tv/

Emh i send email to twitch but nobody answer… after 1 week

it’s understandable that it can be frustrating to wait, but you have to be patient as this is not a general support forum and no one help can help you with your problem.

Thank you for answering me, you are kind ! I try to send another email!