Hello i have a website that i would like to put my followers on that are live on a page and when they go live they get on the page

So i saw this idea http://gyazo.com/b0af92d3bc52743c8b8a324e6c588fc0 and I would like to get something like it on my website. So the idea that i have is If someone is following me and they go live they will be on my website so there will be a image updates every 5 minutes and under the image will be there twitch username then how many viewers and then what they are playing. I am new to html and twitch api. :slight_smile:

Most forums have a plugin that provides this type of functionality. Have you tried asking the website owner what they are using?

If you aren’t using something pre-made, you need to have a background in programming in order to create something similar. It’s best to rely on work others have made since you’re “new to html and twitch api.”

This looks like it’s from Sevadus website. And if I recall, it is only for Subs.

Since Twitch does not allow you to get a full followers list anymore, you will need to record a follower as they come in. You could check they they are following afterwards, but it will cause issues and take longer and longer the more followers you have.

Like Night said, you would need the knowledge to code this – If you are willing to learn, here is where you start with learning the Twitch API.

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