HelloWorld not running properly on Native Rig Beta?

I’m trying to just run the base Hello World extension on the Native Rig, however I don’t see a button to change colors like mentioned in the docs here: Extensions | Twitch Developers

Is there a common problem I’m missing?

Screencap below on what I see:

Same here, I’ve the same problem

Hello coca_konja This is a mistake of your browser.


It’s in the native rig, not on chrome or Firefox, what do I have to do?

I still haven’t found a solution to my problem above, any ideas?

According to the Developer Rig console (the bottom section), the extension is running properly. The main display, however, does look suspect. What are the position and aspect ratio of your component?

It’s the default one as said in the tutorial

EDIT : NVM, it’s just I forgot to install node.js (I thaught i already ad it)
Ps: Please for new user, precise that they need it in the documentation

i have node.js installed on my machine, do i need to install it on the application/extension as well?

EDIT: I have installed node.js and am still getting the following. Below is also my component settings, they are the default ones.

If you go to the Dev Site for your extension, what are values for the Aspect Width, Aspect Height, CSS Zoom, and Zoom Pixels?

Dev site? sorry i’m still new to this, i’m just trying to run a tutorial app still.

I think i found the problem, i guess, what do i need to change though?

Change AspectWidth to 30, AspectHeight to 40, check the apply CSS Zoom checkbox, and click Save Changes. That will restore the defaults. Then, in the Developer Rig, click Refresh Manifest in Project Actions in the Project Details view.

I got this now.

looks better now!