Error while following Hello world

Hi, I was following Hello World in doc (Extensions | Twitch Developers)
and I got this error “An error occurred. Please check the Developer Tools console.”
I checked my developer tools console but nothing seems wrong.
What should I do?

Install Node and NPM into your system/$PATH

Thanks. It worked.
But there’s no instruction in the document that node.js should be installed to use rig. I think it must be stated in the document and the error message, not just showing that kinds of meaningless message.

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Okay, it’s my fault!
But I still hope the message to be changed with better instruction, or your screenshot image.
There’s nothing related with this issue in developer console.
Thanks for your help anyway.

This particular issue is unrelated to the Rig itself.

Animal Facts needs Go rather than Node as well.

An extension doesn’t need to be written in Node or Go. The choice is yours