Host Endpoint? Looking to encourage hosts with giveaways

Looking for a list and count of people currently hosting the stream. Available in the dashboard, how can I fetch it with a bot?

It’s not documented but there’s these.

To get all channels hosting <channelID>.


To get the channel being hosted by <channelID>.

Thank you!

Note that there’s some special properties that may be useful:

host_recent_chat_activity_count: Number
host_partnered: Boolean

It’s also not a hugely reliable endpoint. Expect that it could give you an empty array, try it again and it might give you hundreds of hosts. Expect that it might not work at all and try it again.

Yeah I just noticed it’s returning nothing but empty arrays and came to post about it.

26016246096 is not a valid ID. There’s not even 26,016,246,096 accounts.

Moose just used the wrong ID, works just fine

i used stream id not user id LUL

long day…

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