Complete Host List

The dashboard shows a list of hosts that is complete compared to what comes through the bots I’ve used or streamlabs alerts. Is there a way to get the dashboard host information from the API. I’d like to create a log that tracks when someone hosts in case they are no longer hosting at the end of the stream.

It’s not documented but there’s these.

To get all channels hosting .


To get the channel being hosted by .

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I’ve tried using it, but get an Access-Control-Allow-Origin error when running a test web based version with javascript.

It’s not meant for 3rd party use so cross-origin requests aren’t enabled on it.

I got it worked out, I had to enable an extension of the browser to turn off that authentication data and it started working. Knowing the break was browser and not code I’ve got the first version running, just have to verify it’s pulling all the data now.

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