Host Mode in Kraken API?

Will host mode be natively supported in Kraken (e.g. getting info about which stream is a channel hosting/what channels are hosting a stream and setting which stream a channel should hosted via an authenticated method)?

It is something we are considering, but it is not on any roadmap, so you shouldn’t expect it any time soon.


you didn’t hear it from me


you probably need authentication for this


better undocumented api:

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@hayksaakian chatdepot no longer works.

@Fugiman time to get it on the roadmap… way overdue even.

API was moved to:{id} for users hosting your channel{id} for what channel you are hosting

{id} is of course the _id field from /users/ or /channels/.


I’m not in charge of the roadmap

I’ve been trying to retrieve a list of channels hosting my channel with the information george posted, and I keep stumbling over ‘Allow-Access-Control-Origin’ problems.
I can access that link normally in the web browser, but when I try to retrieve information from it with $.getJSON it doesn’t work.
Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

It’s not meant to be used by 3rd parties, so CORS is not supported.

So, one year later, we still have no way of retrieving host information for custom made overlays/services?

My overlay stuff for host notifications works fine… And thats without polling chat.

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Care to explain how you achieved that without encountering Allow-Access-Control-Origin?

By making the request using something that doesn’t care about origins, i.e. not a browser.

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