How are we supposed to get the emotes a user has from OTHER channels?

I know how to get the default set [0], and I know how to get the streamer emotes by checking if the streamer is partnered, and then getting their emote sets. The problem is that this still leaves out the emotes that users bring from being subscribed to other streamers. There is a “get emotes for user”, but it only seems to give you the emotes he has access to in the current stream, so how do I get a list of all the emotes a user can use, even hose obtained at different channels?

Also, even after I know how to retrieve them, I would be expected to retrieve the list on each message in chat, which would quickly run over any API rate limits (last i remembered it was like 60 a minute, which a chat can quickly outrun). Lastly, the “get emotes for user” requires oauth and “read_subscriptions” scope, which sound as if its only useful for retrieving your own emote sets, and not the emote sets of any given user in a chat.

What exactely do you need this for?

If it’s only to parse chat messages and display the emotes properly you actually don’t have to take of this at all as (when the proper CAP(ability) is enabled on the connection) the Twitch IRC interface tells you pretty detailed what part of the message is an emote and which one.

Yes, I just found out a few days ago that the IRC (TMI.js) already contains the emote ID and location in the message string. On to badges!

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