How can i create 10 different new users using REST API?

I want to create 10 different new users into site using my program.

Please any one know which API should i use for this.

register 10 different users using REST API.


As far as I know, you can’t.
I don’t think they allow any sort of registration through outside API’s.
You must go through the site and register them.

Thanks Gary for your warm response.
Can you please guide for below -
Is there any api which will allow to create bots for
the bots will follow the channel with specific url.

Any idea OR can anyone guide me.


There is no API to register any sort of account.
You need to go to and register new accounts there like any regular account.
That is the only way to register accounts with Twitch.

@GaryTheCoolGuyIII is correct. We do not allow user creation through the API. If we allowed this, it would be abused to create robot accounts to inflate follower numbers, etc.

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