Sign up to a third-party web service using Twitch account?

Greetings to the Twitch crew and fellow devs,

I’m building a web service that might come in handy to both streamers as like as the viewers.

Long story short, as has “Connect with Facebook” option when a new user wants to make an account, is it anyhow possible for me to implement “Connect with Twitch” option for registering on my web service? So all in all, new users of my web service who already own a account could sign up with just a click…

I hope my question was clear enough, and I’m open to questions in addition to get any kind of feedback from the community.

Thanks in advance!


There’s no official “Sign in with Twitch” process, but you can use the normal OAuth connect flow, with scope=user_read to get basic read access. Then you can use /kraken/user to find the id of the connected user and use that in your database of users.