How do you find RTMP stream URL for an existing livestream?


I’ve looked around and tested multiple solutions but I’m unable to find a working URL for an existing twitch stream.

Let’s say I started a livestream using the Twitch Mac app.

I then use this website to find the twitch server: On the bottom right it displays I also verify ymq with the server list mentioned here: The server per list is

I’ve used the following URLs:

  1. rtmp://
  2. rtmp://

I’ve tried to play the ongoing twitch streams on VLC but it fails. Says link cannot be opened.

Can somebody tell me me how to obtain RTMP stream URL for an ongoing livestream initiated on Twitch and play it in other locations such as VLC?

Much appreciated!

This isn’t supported

The only ways to watch a Twitch stream are via the Tiwtch website or via the supported/documented embeds.

This isn’t a documented/supported way/method to watch a Twitch live stream outside of the stated options

These are the URL’s video data is sent to to be distributed thru Twitch infrastratucture. You cannot watch a stream with this URL’s

Darn it.

I use Amazon Luna and supports Twitch streaming natively. I was hoping to stream to other platforms as well.

Thanks for your reply!

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