How does the extension version work for the chat message endpoint?

Hey there,

I don’t understand how the chat endpoint for extensions works regarding the required version, or how we are supposed to use it “correctly”

request url in question:<client_id>/<ext_version>/channels/<channel_id>/chat

Is there a way to set the correct version for the endpoint dynamically?

All my versions are not yet released, so Idk if there will be different behaviour once one of them is live, but currently it seems like I need to change this value for each version I put into hosted test.

Logially the reasoning is that for streamer X they might have version 0.0.3 installed.

You push version 0.0.4 live

Streamer x will still have 0.0.3, you don’t want to be sending a “chat message” related to a new feature thats in v0.0.4 when the streamer doesn’t have v0.0.4 active yet.

Short answer is, yes you’ll need to change/bump the version number when you push

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Makes perfect sense, thanks.

So I guess a way to ensure the right version might be to get the currently live version of the extension from once it is released or as said, change it manually.