How long is the dalay of Get Streams


I’ve been requesting the list of active channels by calling the Get Streams API, but I noticed let’s say a stream starts at 04:01am, the first response I get from the API that includes this streamer is usually 10+ minutes after like 04:12, is this normal? I’m requesting the list every two minutes to map the viewer_count change for a certain channel myself, and I’m sure that this happens even for the top streamers.

Also I wanted to ask what is the average time for Twitch to refresh the viewer_count value? For me it seems like the viewer_count change every 5 minutes or so


What you have observed is about right.

It’s all about caching.


Thanks for the reply. I have another question, so on one of my requests I found out a popular streamer had 30k viewer_count on the first response after he/she started the stream, the response was delayed 10+ mins as well, my question is: is 30k the viewer count when the stream started or when the response was sent back(10+ mins after stream starts)?

When the data was cached. So when you fetched it.

Thanks again, just to make sure so there’s probably no official way to get the viewer_count for the missing 10 mins?

You are at the mercy of the API cache

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