How to contact content streamers with new content

We have a new game ready for release. We are new to twitch and wanting to make contact with some interested content creators for possible future project.
Not entirely sure this is proper forum topic room.

These are the third party developer forums - actual content creators don’t frequent it.

I’d recommend you reach out to content creators through their business emails, if they have them listed on their channel pages.

Otherwise, you are probably better off on r/Twitch or similar Social Media Outlets.

Like someone said above, the best option would be to check if the streamers that you are looking for have business emails, if they dont maybe check if they have a twitter or discord and ask them there.

Furthermore, if you are talking in there chat, ask there if you dont mind others knowing what you are saying.

I think that the best option would be to ask in chat a simple version of what you are asking, and if they would like to know more then ask them to whisper you or message you on another one of their platforms.

This just ends up derailing the stream from whatever is going on on that stream, so not the best route.

As then also if they complete the stream they will probably have forgotten about it.

Yeah that’s true, maybe just messaging the streamer or using their business email would be best then.

I would defiantly say that if they dont have an email the best option would be to join their Discord server and message them privately off that.

If they haven’t explicitly given a method of contact for business emails, of which this is as it’s marketing, then you shouldn’t be joining Discords in an attempting to contact them in ways they may not want.

If you were to join a broadcasters Discord and send unsolicited marketing messages to people, that’s a quick way to both get banned from a great many Discord servers, and give your company a bad reputation.

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