What's the 'correct' way to launch a new game on Twitch?

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Do we need to create an offcial account (not a dev account for the API)? Are there estanblished ways to promote the game on twich to other streamers?

Any advice is welcome, thank you!

Contact streamers or their management groups and offer them access to your game to play, of even just make them aware you exist (some will just buy the game (if available) to avoid viewers thinking SPONSORED STREAM MUST SAY GOOD THINGS for example). Most have business emails publicly displayed on their profile (twitch/Twitter) best not to contact a streamer whilst they are live. Since whilst live they are busy streaming.

Some GameDevs run Twitch Accounts as they do dev streams, or promotional streamers on their channel, but you don’t need one.

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It is also worthwhile registering your company on Twitch https://dev.twitch.tv/request-access which will let you do things like change the box art for your game and give you access to certain API endpoints like VHS/Drops and game analytics.

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Thanks people,
These are great points.

What’s the best way to contact streamers? Can I search by popularity or genre?

Most streamers have a business email in one of their panels below their stream (if they don’t, there’s probably a reason, and they don’t want to be contacted). In general, you’re probably better off reaching out to small-medium sizes streamers (unless your game is already established) playing games similar to the game you’re developing.

Good luck!

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Twitter profiles also often have a business email, if the panels don’t.


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