How to delete Extensions from Developer Rig?

So I’m getting started with the Twitch Extensions API and trying to build something small to see how it works.
My Developer rig is running, and I created some sample projects to see the different settings. How can i remove them, once i figured I don’t need them anymore? I already deleted the project folder, but they keep getting listed :frowning:

Kinda offtopic but regarding my project:

I’m thinking about a simple voting extension. Would I need a backend hosted by myself for that, or would it be possible to do it on the extension site of the broadcaster for example? (Viewers should be able to vote in a panel, or as an overlay, the result getting displayed as an overlay)
(Sorry, new to webdev and NodeJS in particular)

there is a topic similar to your question

on the off-topic, for voting I believe that yes, I have a voting extension that uses nodejs in the backend (you can take advantage of the twitch PUB to send real-time results), mongodb, and frontend reactjs, you can check here

Oh thanks, I’ll look into this. But you host the mongodb on your own server? Could i just have nodejs in the backend that does the polls temporarily (so no real storage), while the poll is running, and discard the results afterwards?