How to get every followers?


I’m using Python 3 and Twitch API v5 in the project about “association between streamers”.
I want to get list of all channel followers. I just tried an offset, but the number of followers is limited to about 1600.
This is function of code, but this code could only get a limited number of followers.

def collectFollower(channel, lim, Clientid, File, Offset):
url = (""+ str(channel) +
       "/follows?limit=" + str(lim) + "&offset=" + str(Offset))
req = urllib.request.Request(url, headers = {"Client-ID": Clientid, "Accept" : "application/vnd.twitchtv.v5+json"})
u = urllib.request.urlopen(req)
c ='utf-8')
js = json.loads(c)


for num in range(lim):
    file.write(str(js["follows"][num]["user"]["name"]) + "\n")

When I searched through Google, I saw that I used the cursor to solve it. How do you use your cursor? If I can’t use it, how to solve?

Please Help Me!

You will need to basically recurse over the endpoint using your pagination information (cursor) until you don’t get a ful response (Length of the follower array is smaller than limit).

As the Docs specify, you can pass the _cursor to the endpoint as a query paramter named cursor to let the server know what the offset is offsetting from.

As a my result, the value of _cursor decreased irregularly when increasing the value of the offset.
How does the value of the _cursor change when the parameter cursor changes?
And when the value of the parameter cursor changes, how does the scope of the follower ID that the Twitch API brings change?

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