Getting next set of channel followers

Using Twitch api v5, i’m trying to get a set of followers.
my limit is 100, and the total number of followers is 193.

I’m not too keen on things like pagination and offset and etc.
I’m able to get the first 100 followers, but I am not sure how to get the next 93.

You have to paginate… There is no other way to get the last 93 other than to get page two/use an offset. So you’ll have to paginate/offset.

Unless by “keen” you mean you “don’t know how to do it” as apposed to “keen I don’t want to do it”?

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I understand that I need to paginate and do offset but how exactly? I’ve never worked with an api before.
Would you be able to provide an example of the offset i’d need to use based on the limit i’ve set, which is 100?

pageNumber * limit gives you the offset for that page, where you start from page 0. So the first page is offset 0, 2nd page is offset 100 (for limit 100), 3rd page is offset 200, and so on. For developing new stuff, I’d recommend using the new API (Helix) instead.

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