How to get latest videos using api?

how to get latest videos to showing on website using api ?

Use the “Get Videos” API

It provides a number of filter options

I got error 500 with latest videos

For a start you called Kraken, not helix.

kraken is deprecated and you should be using helix instead (which is what I linked to)

You may have found a bug/issue with Kraken, that will probably not get fixes, as Kraken isn’t long for this world (though the death date has not been announced)

Hello, I am glad to use twitch.
As a man love twitch,
I have got some issues with twitch api.
I want to get Latest videos from twitch using api.
In order to get latest videos, I need to get videos sorted by time.
How can I solve this problem?

Call the videos API as documented

I like to use

To get the most recent vod.

Again, as documented.

to use this api, I need userId. but I want to get latest videos without userid
I think this api can get only latest videos for only one user
you are expert in this field, so I’d like you to help me with this problem

This API requires either specifiying a user_id or a game_id (or the id of a video itself)

For what purpose do you want videos for all users on the site? In theory for “all users” on the site with no filtering, you wouldn’t be able to keep up.

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