How to get username, total viewers, stream title etc WITHOUT getting streamkey?

The Twitch subreddit is insisting that I remove the Oauth permission of “channel_read” because it lets the app see the stream key. How, then, do I get all the permissions for viewing and changing the stream title, the game/category being played, the total number of views, number of follows, the username etc? My app that I literally attended a coding bootcamp in order to learn how to make, and have spent more than 6 months on, is as good as DOA if I cannot even let people know it exists on the Twitch sub (unless you guys know of a different Twitch forum somewhere).

Just don’t request channel_read, stream key is just about the only use for that scope.

Total number of views, follows, stream title and game/category are public and do not require specific scopes. Editing title and game/category requires channel_editor. If you need to determine who an OAuth token belongs to then you can use endpoint.

I noticed that /channels/username gives me the same data as channel, without the streamkey, so hopefully this works. It just means I have to make an extra call on each load, since now I have to first get the id, and then use that end point.

This is public data no permissions required

To update title/game requires channel_editor

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