New to this. Please send help

Where do I get the API? all I’m basically after is to get a list of my current channel subscribers. I have no clue how or where to get this. Please help.


You’re probably interested in this endpoint:

Keep in mind, you’ll need to hit it with an oauth with the channel_subscriptions scope.

Sounds like what I need. The issue is what are you even saying lol, I don’t have a big understanding of all this, can you please break down what is m supposed to do

What is your application here?

If you wanted to just ping it in your browser, you could load up
where 25295503 is your channel id.
To get the ID of other channels/users, you’ll need to hit the Twitch API Users endpoint and pass in the name. I made a chrome extension to do this: Twitch Username and User ID Translator

Because this endpoint is sensitive, you’ll need to load it along with a header that identifies you as a verified person/program to access it. To do this, you’ll need to “inject” the oauth that identifies you into the request you’re making. I recommend 3ventic’s Client ID injector which also injects oauth.

Of course, you’ll also need to to get the oauth. You can do that yourself via setting up your own application and using the application flow to get the oauth. You can also use a tool to generate you an oauth token under the tool’s application. For that matter (shameless plug) I recommend TwitchTokenGenerator.

Again, you’ll need the oauth scope: channel_subscriptions


Thank you for the replies but im going to have to be blunt and say I still have zero clue what you are talking about. I wish it were easier then this… Thanks for your effort.

Ok actually. It worked for me. Now do you know any keywords to ctrl+f to search way quicker for names instead of having to read all this lol also quick question since we got this all figured out, how did you go about getting my channel Id?

What is your objective/end game… Are you trying to get this data into a specific format? Type of list? You don’t need to work with the raw data, you can parse it into any format.

Its mainly just to have a update list of who is a current sub of mine when I need to check for emails/thank you or anything.

You should be able to get a CSV of that from your dashboard.

The responses/api here, won’t give you “email addresses” of your subscribers…

i was only after usernames not emails.

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