How to know when a user has successfully cheered?

I was curious how an IRC bot would know if a user successfully cheered? For instance, I want to know if a user just donated 25 bits. Or repeating… But any user can type and submit “cheer25” without actually having the bits.

06-13 19:07:39.153 17349-17434/com.ritchie.irldevapp I/System.out: <<< @badge-info=;badges=;bits=1;color=#19171C;display-name=Grawlixes;emotes=;flags=;id=e9f2e996-9e50-4b0b-92cd-2c970163634c;mod=0;room-id=28276981;subscriber=0;tmi-sent-ts=1560467259682;turbo=0;user-id=53305504;user-type= :grawlixes! PRIVMSG #frenchstallion :HeyGuys1

The bits value in the tags indicate how many bits were successfully cheered.

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