How to remove old unused Extension Versions


we now have released our first 1.0.0 Version of the Extension.
The older 0.x.x Versions we will not longer need. How can I remove them?
For nex Feature updates I will create new Version 1.1.0.
But slowly I lost the overview. If I search for my extension on Discovery page (with my developer Account) I get 6 Results, all have the same picture and it will get more and more with each version I create.

What can you recommend to solve the problems of too many Extension Versions on Discovery page (with developer Account, I know that all other users dont see them)?


Regarding removing older versions, the DevSite doesn’t currently support a way to do this. I can bring this feedback to the team to be aware of this ask.

Additionally, for the Extension Manager, we have received feedback on the issue with providing no high-level versioning outside of the detail pages. We understand that this is causing overhead on developers as they add versions and are looking at what we can do to incorporate a version number on an Extension Card for developers in the short term.

Hm, Im wondering a little bit:
If I look on developer page where I see my Versions, there is at the bottom a bar with the text “No Retired versions were found.”

What is it for? Can I retire a version?

The retired versions section is where deprecated versions of your extension go, it’ll be empty if you’ve never released any versions which have been deprecated by the release of a newer version. So if you’ve just released 1.0.0, the retired versions should show any 0.x.x versions that have passed review and been released. If you never released previous versions then they will just remain in the “testing” status.