I can`t send a message but I don´t get a error [IRC]

Hey Guys,
I try to send this message “Ich höre dieses Playlist: Old Radio Songs - playlist by Alina_525 | Spotify”.
I already send links in the same way, but this time it doesn´t work.

self.connection.privmsg(self.channel, “Ich höre dieses Playlist: Old Radio Songs - playlist by Alina_525 | Spotify”)

I don´t get any errors while executing with Python, but I also doesn´t see the message in the chat.
Any ideas why it doesn´t work?

Check the raw responses/message you are getting from Twitch Chat

You might be hitting automod on the channel you are trying to send to and you are not catching the response.

On the channel where I send the messages I am a moderator. So I should see actions from the auto-mod, or not?

Moderators can’t bypass automod.

Automod doesn’t necessarily raise a “accept/deny” alert to other moderators

It might not be auto mod, but you have to check all the messages (not jsut PRIVMSG) that Twitch Chat is returning to your bot

How can I receive other messages as PRIVMSG?

Your parser must be parser for PRIVMSG and sending those to your code to process as a message.

So you parser is either ignore or processing the other messages or emitting them to another event

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