I cant create excentions with bits purchase?

Hello, i have problem, I found Monetization | Twitch Developers tutorial, i read it, but on the page “Register as a developer” i cant find it. There is only:

but, still i cant enable it:

Someone tell me, where can be a problem? Thank you so much.

Please see



Hey there - we have identified a bug with the developer onboarding requirement for users who are Affiliates/Partners already and are working on a fix that should be rolling out in the next couple days. Hold tight!

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Okay, good luck with work and thank you for your answer, i will wait.

@WLTN1 we released a fix - can you confirm that the issue is resolved on your end? Otherwise, we’ll have to dig a bit further.

I think, I have still a problem with it. Only affiliate, cant extensions developer registration.


UPDATE: Today i check it and its fixed, thank you!