I know is not streamlabs support

i writed hours ago the topic “I want to get Streamlabs Points”

and Moderator BarryCarlyon Did not understand my question or did not know how to respond and instead of waiting to see if anyone knows he closed the topic

I want to know if i can get the points of the streamlabs INTO AN EXTENSION OF TWITCH.

i came here, cause i know this is TWITCH DEVELOPERS discuss forum, if I was intending to develop in streamlabs I would not have come here.

someone could answer my question with something other than “no idea”?

Edit: Ok, Thank you so much :slight_smile:

You would have to use the StreamLabs API, which you can then return the response into you extension, the same as their extension already does.

This is NOT the support forums for StreamLabs API. Please go ask streamlabs

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