I need a test partner channel. (does not have a subscription program)

Hi, i made new tools and website for subsciber alert stuff, everything works perfect like checking if user is subscribed to another channel, give all data good back and works.
My problem is where else HERENAME does not have a subscription program
So when i will get the full list of the subscibers…then the error comes, because only possible with partner account, how i can make for you guys sub alert website/tools if i have no access as developer?
Please make possible to make dummy partner accounts for developer to can use this stuff, otherwhise i can not code anything if i not know what data will come there, thanks :slight_smile:

I managed to get by fine with the data models that are in the documentation.

Up until I had access to a partner I was doing work for.

In the end the sample data in the Docs is no different to poking the API, so work to the data models.

Most Sub Alerts run off the TwitchNotify message in chat, so you only need to be able to access that, and you don’t need permission for that.

Exactly what Barry said, The API is documented so well there really isn’t any need for a “test account” -
If you need information on subs you can find that in the link below or parse the twitch chat for the TwitchNotify message.

Subs API here

Hi thanks, information about subsciber are hidden to see who subbed.
Also want to make tool to see which sub are online in channel etc, i know the twitch api .
Example, to check if user is sub or not from channel you need that partner dummy account…
read here:
GET /channels/:channel/subscriptions/:user

seems all these stuff go private and not accesable by free public.
most stuff here need this:
all other topic work very good without that ability :smile:
to check if user is follíng work without permission, but to check if user is subsciber or not no works… so i can not make tools for sub giveaway, list subs etc.

Sub only giveaways are generally not allowed. Please consult local laws and a lawyer.

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